Top educational games apps by Educational App Store

Who says games can’t be educational? Here are some of the best educational game apps.

Fishing with Grandpa

A cheerful app to engage early learners, this app takes a very simple premise – a fishing trip with the Grandpa character – and packs it with little educational experiences, each delivered in a polished but accessible way. Its replayability and the enjoyable theme will be sure to engage children. Available on iTunes.

My Little Place

11 mini-games, with even more planned, will stimulate and entertain your young child’s curiosity in this app that is cleverly designed to make it look like your device has been converted into one designed for a child. With a clear path to expansion, a good range of existing games and its excellent idea of mimicking the software children see their parents use, this is an app that can be expected to get plenty of use. Available on iTunes.

Gruffalo Games

The Gruffalo: Games app is based on ‘The Gruffalo’ children’s book. The app is inspired by the iconic artwork and the characters of the book. Through a series of activities, children try to outperform the Gruffalo, help the mouse catch nuts or the bugs moving towards their way. Available on iTunes

Tiggly Tales: Word Building & Story Telling Kids Game

This is a great app for helping young children to learn simple CVC words yet it does it in such a way that it also just a great app to play around with. The graphics are like something out of a top game mixed with the kind of illustrations that you would likely find in an award-winning picture book for young children. This is complemented by the sound effects that add to the gameplay rather than distract and voice over that helps the user with further information on the correct pronunciation of the words. Available on iTunes.

Fiete March

This app was named winner of the “Sega’s Gamescom Big Indie Pitch 2013” and you can really tell why. It has the perfect balance between pedagogy, design, engagement and interaction and quality development. This particular app would benefit slightly older players who are more aware of counting and addition concepts. Available on iTunes.

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