The Future for Techknowledge for Schools

Over the last 4 years, our primary objective at Techknowledge for Schools has been to create independent research through working directly with schools. We set out to understand more about how schools could use technology as a tool for teaching and learning. We’ve learnt a great deal along the way, and our aim has always been to deliver a blueprint of best practice and peer-to-peer advice to support schools. Recently, however, teachers and school leaders have told us they need more practical, hands-on support and training, so there are going to be some changes moving forward…

At Techknowledge for Schools, our aim has always been to support schools to use technology more effectively and sustainably to transform learning and learning outcomes for young people. With the help of over forty schools who have introduced and are actively using technology to enhance how pupils learn and teachers teach, we have learnt an enormous amount about the benefits, challenges and overall impact that technology can have in the classroom. We are extremely proud of the ground-breaking independent research we have created over the past four years.

In recent months we have spoken directly to school leaders and teachers about what help they really need. Overwhelmingly, they fed back that our research has been useful in making the decision to implement technology successfully. However, the issues they now face involve ensuring they implement the right technology to suit their needs as well as gaining access to practical support and training they can trust.

So now after consultation with teachers and careful consideration into how we can make the best use of our research, we believe a new approach is needed. One where schools across the country can access practical training and advice. Techknowledge for Schools was set up as a research charity and is therefore not currently equipped or resourced to deliver the practical solution schools now need. With this in mind, a decision has been made to close Techknowledge for Schools as a charity.

Moving forward we will leverage the reach and resource of our founding industry partners such as Dixons Carphone who will share our research and best practice advice and offer practical support for schools. We hope that they and other partners will be able to deliver the expertise and support schools across the country need. We are pleased that these partners will use information gained through the work of Techknowledge for Schools to ensure schools stop, think and understand the implications of implementing technology before they make a major purchase.

We hope that this approach will allow more schools to be supported, have access to our research, and ensure they are aware of the full implications of implementing technology and how to do it successfully.

Our aim has always been and will remain to deliver a blueprint of best practice and peer-to-peer advice on how to use technology in schools effectively and we will ensure that this is upheld and delivered to greater impact through the Dixons Carphone Education Team and other Techknowledge for Schools partners working in collaboration with schools.

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