We are hugely grateful to the partners who support us, and we are committed to developing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with companies and foundations who share our vision of transforming learning.

We rely on donations and sponsorship from external organisations to help fund our educational research. If you are passionate about changing education forever, please contact us to get involved.

We look forward to partnering with you and transforming learning forever.

We believe we can help build a future where technology plays an important part in young people’s lives, and with an education system that supports and promotes this, so that all kids have equal access and equal opportunities.

Understanding what each and every customer wants is at the heart of our business strategy and success and our Corporate Responsibility ambition is about understanding the role technology plays in people’s lives and using our position to make a positive difference. We are proud to support Techknowledge for Schools and help create opportunities and remove barriers for children and young people to reach their full potential.

Andrew Harrison, Deputy CEO, Dixons Carphone

Young people are unendingly inquisitive; they want to discover, learn and know more. It’s essential that today’s kids have access to today’s technology to make this fully possible and to prepare them properly for tomorrow. We can make this happen if we all work together: teachers, technologists, industry and government. There are few things of greater importance.

Richard Turner, Director of Android Platform Partnerships – Europe, Middle East & Africa, Google

At Samsung, we believe in the power of technology to educate and inspire. We want to encourage people to combine technical knowledge and skills with the creativity and confidence that leads to the most innovative and successful ideas. As our world becomes smarter and more connected, we need to ensure everyone, no matter what their background, have both the skills and the desire to take advantage of the exciting opportunities the future has to offer. This is what our Citizenship programmes such as Digital Classroom and Academies set out to achieve and we are pleased to be supporting Techknowledge for schools who shares our vision.

Andy Griffiths, President, Samsung

HP is thrilled to be a partner of Techknowledge for Schools as we believe it is a great opportunity to help schools delivering on their main objectives: teaching & learning. We believe everyone has the right to quality education, no matter who and where they are.

Our ability to scale allows us to help all students develop skills that are in demand but also provide enhanced security, affordability, easy deployment and support.

Techknowledge for Schools with the engagement it has across schools, IT vendors, government, and many more, can surely make a difference in schools’ decision making, that is changing the way students learn at schools, involving technology more and more.

Celine Chapron, HP International Account Manager

At TalkTalk we’re committed to helping everyone benefit from the internet and harness its power to improve the communities in which we live and work. The rapid growth of connected technology is a tremendous force for good in education; we’re really proud to support the great work done by Technowledge to help unlock the potential of technology for a new generation.

Gary Steen, Chief Technology Officer, TalkTalk Group

Meru Networks is passionate about delivering fast, robust and reliable wireless networks that enable teaching and learning with 1:1 mobile technology. In July this year Meru was acquired by Fortinet, a $Billion turnover global leader and innovator in networking and network security. Fortinet-Meru is pleased to continue its support of Techknowledge for Schools. Their work delivers evidence to show that we are not just building wireless networks, but helping to build a generation educated to succeed in the 21st century.

Mark Howell, Country Manager, UK & Ireland, Meru Networks

XMA’s mission is to support teachers and pupils in improving learning outcomes through the sustainable use of technology. XMA believe every student should be able to achieve their full potential and that IT has a significant part to play in enabling this.

XMA state that it is no longer about specific products, but what learning needs to be achieved both inside and outside of the classroom and where technology can support this.

XMA seek to understand each educational context, raise aspiration, apply the most advanced, but sustainable technologies and approaches to learning, enable innovation, build best practice and share success.

At 9ine we understand the value that technology can add to teaching and learning when used effectively and it’s clear that Techknowledge for Schools do too. The research and resources made available by the organisation have provided educators with insight and awareness around how the ever changing landscape of technology is being used by teachers around the globe to positively transform education. The regional workshops hosted by Techknowledge for Schools have offered educators across the country a unique platform to come together to share experiences and gain practical advice.

Mark Orchison, MD, 9ine Consulting

Working alongside Techknowledge for Schools, has given the Educational App Store the opportunity to become part of something that is going to make a significant change to the education community in the UK. We collectively share the vision of supporting schools and educators to transform learning through content and technology.”

Justin Smith, Founder of the Educational App Store