Our Research

Research is at the heart of everything we do. We have built the largest independent research study in the world looking at mobile learning in UK schools. We share our research to help schools make informed choices and transform teaching.


Our independent research is carried out in schools across the country that have been pioneering 1:1 mobile learning since 2011. The body of research is the largest of its kind in the world, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative methodologies to inform our approach to using technology in education. This allows us to help and support schools to make informed decisions when developing their mobile learning plans.

Why Research

Our research has shown that mobile technology really can make a difference to teaching and learning. However to develop and implement a successful 1:1 mobile learning strategy, we believe you need the unbiased evidence, knowledge and best practices to support those important decisions and to truly help you transform learning with technology.

Independent Research

To provide schools with truly independent research and evidence we commissioned Family Kids and Youth. Established in 2002, FK&Y is an award winning social and market research agency known for its work with children and young people and their engagement with digital technology. Its highly qualified team of researchers has published many papers, spoken at conferences and has been featured in the media and on TV. It is supported by a Pedagogy Group, made up of academics and teachers, which meets every three months.

Research Themes


Includes research on how children use mobile devices at school and at home, young people’s attitude to gaming and views from pupils about whether they are addicted to the internet.

Teacher Research

Includes the use of technology in UK schools, a pre and post-trial to introduce Nexus Tablets and teachers’ views of teaching coding.

Pupil Research

Includes pupils’ view of using 1:1 technology in school, including safe internet use, attitudes to gaming, the likelihood of ‘addiction’ and advice to other young people.

The Global View

Includes an assessment of the global view of the use of 1:1 technology in schools and a literature review that looks at the use of technology in education.

If we are to deliver world leading education our youngsters deserve and our nation requires, we need to re-think the ways in which we design learning in our schools. Tablet computers offer us an opportunity for resourcing a new approach to learning that could help to transform education in our country. We are proud to support the Techknowledge for Schools campaign and its belief that every student will have a better learning experience through the thoughtful use of 1 to 1 technology in 21st century classrooms.