Wearable Technology: How Teachers Could Use it with Students


Wearable technology is the latest trend in teaching and learning. But how can this latest advance in “connected education” be used in the classroom? Will students be more engaged? Wearable technology such as Google Glass is the latest development in teaching and learning. But how will it be used? Teachers are naturally asking themselves what “connected … Read more

Top educational games apps by Educational App Store


Who says games can’t be educational? Here are some of the best educational game apps. Fishing with Grandpa A cheerful app to engage early learners, this app takes a very simple premise – a fishing trip with the Grandpa character – and packs it with little educational experiences, each delivered in a polished but accessible … Read more

The Future for Techknowledge for Schools

Over the last 4 years, our primary objective at Techknowledge for Schools has been to create independent research through working directly with schools. We set out to understand more about how schools could use technology as a tool for teaching and learning. We’ve learnt a great deal along the way, and our aim has always … Read more