What We Do

Our vision is of an education sector in the UK in which all schools maximise the use of technology to educate children. We want to transform the way children learn, and we want all children to have an equal chance to benefit, regardless of whether their parents can afford a mobile device.


We have developed the largest research study in the world following schools where every pupil has a mobile device (‘1:1 learning’). Our research focusses on both the outcomes of digital learning and the processes surrounding it. We are learning not only what a difference technology can make, but what schools need to do to maximise their resources, and what pitfalls can be avoided through sensible consideration and planning.

Best Practice Advice

We engage schools with our research and use it as a basis for best practice advice – we help schools understand if and why they would like to integrate technology into their pedagogy and the technical architecture and solutions that will best suit their school and pupils. It also allows teachers to share their successes and their experiences with their peers.


We provide a range of resources including research, best practices, our toolkit, our workshops, case studies, fact sheets, inspirational videos from pupils.  We use these resources to give teachers and other school staff access to guidance on which approach, devices, programmes and apps will best work for them and their pupils.