Our Vision

We believe technology should inspire children with a lifelong love of learning. Motivate them to know more. Empower independent thinking. It should give them the skills to take on the world. We have one simple mission – to better understand through research how mobile technology can be used effectively across daily life, and help individuals confidently utilise it to its full potential to give young people the skills for their digital future.

Our research and advice is independent, peer to peer, and is made freely available to schools across the country. We help people understand why they should consider using technology as a tool to enhance learning, and how they can practically integrate technology in day to day life. Access to learning should be equal for all young people. For a new generation, technology is the catalyst that transforms their education and enhances their relationship with learning like never before.

Our research shows that technology, and specifically mobile learning, can be used as a tool to encourage children to take a more active approach to their education, allowing them to personalise their experience and equipping them for a digital future. But it’s vital that this potential is unlocked in a consistent, leading-edge way that encourages engagement and achievement. And in a way that can be delivered and sustained by schools and teachers.

We help schools who are at the beginning of their 1:1 journey develop a mobile learning strategy, and we help schools already on their 1:1 journey maximise the impact of technology in the classroom to truly transform learning. We provide both an inspiring vision and a practical blueprint for schools, and this is just the beginning.