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Moscow Russia

Russia, the exam dilemma & technology solution

1st February, 2016

Renaldo Lawrence of Chiswick School describes how technology allayed parents & teachers fears about the impact of a school trip on revision time AND enhanced exam results. Pupils…

Student with mobile device

How Chiswick School uses mobile devices: VIDEO

23rd November, 2015

Teachers and students talk about the impact of the introduction of technology in their classrooms in this short video.

Children with mobile devices

Turning the curriculum into interactive learning – Top 10 tips to save time & be effective

16th November, 2015

Renaldo Lawrence works at Chiswick School where he teaches and works with staff creating and developing interactive e-Learning materials for students. Read his advice about…


Flipped learning – a deeper look

19th October, 2015

It’s well documented that ‘flipped’ lessons emphasise and develop collaboration skills more than ‘regular’ lessons. Students lead their own learning through independent…

Children with tablet devices

Using Tech in Schools – It IS Helping, So Let’s Help Our Teachers

17th September, 2015

Week 2 of the new term and the media debate about the usefulness of mobile devices in schools has got louder. But is it focusing on the right things? Is it even telling the whole…

Chiswick School
Case Studies

Chiswick School

15th May, 2015

When Chiswick School introduced Nexus 7s and iPad Minis to years 5-6, their goals were to prepare students for a digital age, and support independent learning and problem-solving.…


Chiswick School’s experience of 1:1 implementation

10th October, 2014

We set out on a journey a little over 5 years ago. At the time IT spend was high and vision was non-existent. IT rooms were created on a whim and the network manager ruled the…