Technology in education: a summary of our research

Over the last 4 years Techknowledge for Schools has carried out one of the largest research studies in the world looking at the use of mobile technology in schools in the UK. Here is a summary of the results.

Over the last 4 years we have worked with research agency Family Kids & Youth to carry out extensive, independent research looking at the use of mobile technology in education.

The research has included:

  • 12,000 interviews with pupils
  • 500 interviews with using mobile devices in their teaching
  • 700 interviews with teacher leaders
  • 60 hours of ethnographic observation
  • 60 focus groups and in-depth interviews with pupils, parents and teachers
  • 20 case studies
  • 3 literature reviews of the way technology is used in schools across the world

We began to monitor the adoption of technology in schools in the UK in 2011. The research has been extensive, but there are common threads that emerge. Schools cannot adopt mobile technology without support:

  • they need additional teacher training
  • advice on infrastructure
  • technical assistance
  • evidence of benefits
  • guidelines on esafety
  • information on new teaching methods that encompass the technology

Our research illustrates the way in which mobile technology can help to create equal opportunities for all pupils, giving them access to some of the best teaching in the world, from the same device, no matter what their background.

It explains the way in which teaching can be bespoke to the child; pupils can work at their own pace and receive individual feedback and regular advice about their work from teachers who appreciate the ability to view pupils as individuals.

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