Future Skills

Our new Future Skills research with 361 teachers in 21 schools explores how the daily use of technology in schools can prepare students for future employment.

As part of our rolling research programme with schools who have been using 1:1 mobile devices since at least 2013 (some since 2011), we set out to find out how their use and integration into daily learning contributes to the development of‘character skills’.

In 2012, the employer body, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) recommended that in addition to a new curriculum, schools should be asked to deliver against a wider framework which includes the development of key characteristics, including resilience, curiosity, creativity, self-control, confidence, determination, ambition and emotional intelligence

Using the this CBI framework, and building on qualitative research earlier this year, our new study aimed to quantify how the use of technology in teaching and learning is helping students to develop or improve character skills that will enhance their prospects for future employment.

You can download the management summary or full report on the left. In addition we have created a  infographic of Future Skills research.

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