Greenford High School

The introduction of mobile tablets gave every student access to a more active and engaging learning environment. Motivation, collaboration and problem-solving were increased and pupils adapted to their new technology in innovative ways. Find out what what was uncovered in their case study.

A noticeable increase in independent studies, collaboration, motivation and engagement”

Before the introduction of mobile tablet devices at Greenford High, the computer-to-pupil ratio was 1:2. After the project began every student had access to their own personal device, allowing a greater opportunity for active and engaged learning.

With over 2,000 students, staff were extremely pleased to find a noticeable increase in independent learning, motivation, collaboration, and problem-solving. Students initially used their devices extensively for online research but went on to discover more educational and innovative ways to use their tablets.

Read their case study to learn what impact the study had on Greenford pupils and teachers alike.

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