Top 5 Interactive Storytelling Apps by Educational App Store

These interactive story apps will help your children’s imaginations run wild!

Mr Glue Stories

Mr Glue Stories app

A delightful customisable storybook app, users customise and personalise the stories as they go along to produce a tale that is truly their own. Available on iTunes

Blue Planet Tales – History, Nature and Science

Blue Planet Tales app

An interactive story app covering some of the most exciting real life stories from all over the world. This is a great app that allows the use to explore a number of different non-fiction stories from across the world and in history. Each story highlights either a specific moment in history, science, nature or people organised via geographic relevance. Available on iTunes

The Tree I See

The Tree I See app

‘The Tree I See’ is an interactive storybook about a boy meeting a tree which comes to life and then forms friendships with the boy and other woodland characters. It explores the themes of friendship, feelings and sharing. Available on iTunes

Imagistory – Creative Storytelling App for Kids

Imagistory app

Imagistory provides an entirely new reading experience, not only is it very fun and easy to use, it’s also highly educational! Helping foster creativity, imagination and to develop language and early literacy skills. Available on iTunes

Reader Bee and the Story Tree

Reader Bee & Story Tree app

With fun activities and stories, this app is great for independent and adult supported learning.  Carefully designed to teach effectively, it uses a novel approach to introducing letters and words to young learners and constantly reinforces past learning. Available on iTunes

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