Top 5 Maths Apps by Educational App Store

Check out these 5 apps that cover a variety of maths topics for a range of ages!

6th Grade Math Common Core


Revise and practise many topics of maths in this comprehensive app. Instant feedback and the option to have results emailed to a parent’s or teacher’s email address lets children improve and adults monitor progress.

Available on iTunes.



Learn & Fun for Kids is a collection of mini-games for early learners. Literacy, numeracy, colour recognition and problem solving are all covered in one form or another in this free advertisement supported app. Considering its targeted age range, the app would benefit from some spoken instructions for each of the mini-games as it isn’t always immediately obvious how to play them.

Available on Google Play.

Let’s Do Mental Maths from Andrew Brodie for All Ages from 5-11


This bundle of apps covers the entire primary school age range and concentrates on developing children’s mental arithmetic skills through practice. Each can track multiple users to make it ideal for teachers and parents. Additionally, with its clear presentation and its well-judged age targeted content, this bundle of apps makes an excellent addition to teacher’s and parent’s efforts to support their children.

Available on iTunes.

IXL – Math and English


An almost infinite amount of questions to develop and test students’ maths skills at all ages are included in this app. Both parents and teachers can make good use of its contents to support their children’s mathematical development.  A subscription to IXL Maths is required to use it.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

Math Effect


Can you spot a correct maths answer from a wrong one in an instant? A fun game that provides a level playing field for adults and children to compete and improve their speed and accuracy at arithmetic. This is a narrowly focussed app but it is a great way to harness children’s competitiveness to encourage them to learn useful skills and increase their proficiency at quick mental maths.

Available on Google Play.

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  • Interesting post. If I may, I would like to add another tool which is very useful for e-learning. It may found online but it exists as an app as well. It’s called GEOGEBRA. On our site , teachers love to use it as it is a great help for student from 10 or 11 years old to learn and train in geometry, algebra and calculation. I strongly recommend it !

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