Top 5 History Apps by Educational App store

Seeking fun and engaging ways of teaching History? These apps have independently reviewed and tested for use in the classroom. Children can learn all about who made what in the world with The Great Inventors and about how man first walked on the moon with Bean Bag Kids Apollo 11. In History Quiz for Kids, children learn about various historical topics through a range of multiple choice quizzes. Knights and Castles offers learners to the opportunity to go back to medieval times while Dino Walk: Continental Drift delivers a fascinating insight into how the world has evolved.

The Great Inventors


The Great Inventors is a fantastic looking app that encourages children’s curiosity to learn about the most important inventions and those who made them a reality.  With all text also spoken this app is ideal for young children as they start to learn about history. Available on iTunes


Bean Bag Kids Apollo 11


The Apollo 11 mission to the moon is described in an interactive and child friendly format where the player’s actions help progress the story of how the Eagle landed. It is modern but it is definitely historical. Available on iTunes


History Quiz for Kids


This app provides a collection of multiple choice quizzes for the history topics commonly covered by the Key Stage 2 curriculum.  A number of the subjects are based on the developer’s other apps that cover such areas as the Romans and World War One. Available on Google Play



Knights and Castles


Look back to medieval times by learning all about the chivalric orders of knights and the castles that dotted the landscape of the time. Essentially an eBook, this app also includes some interactive elements, some simple games and the facility to easily search through it. Available on Google Play


Dino Walk: Continental Drift


What an amazing app! The soundscape music is beautiful and the app is extremely informative. It teaches learners all about the natural world since the beginning of time. The app receives a well-deserved EAS Certification of 5 Stars and EAS Recommended Status. Available on iTunes

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