Three Fun Apps to Help Kids Learn Maths on the Go

Gamification is a great way to get students to engage in subjects: they don’t even notice that they are learning. Harness the addictive power of games with these three fun maths apps.

Gamification is a great way to get kids to engage in subjects that they might otherwise struggle with such as Maths. The idea is that they are so engrossed in the game that they don’t even notice that they are learning. For younger students, it’s a fantastic way to learn basic concepts.

However, combined with mobile technology takes learning to new levels. Whether they are in the car, or on the school bus, kids can just pick up their device (whether phone or tablet) and learn a maths concept or practice a skill. Of course, the game has to be extremely addictive for them to want to do this on their downtime!

So, when choosing a maths game, make sure that it is engaging enough to hold kids’ interest. It should also feature self-contained levels that kids can get through quickly, along with the ability to track progress. Here are three to get you started.

Math Evolve

Where to find it: iTunes (free) and Google Play (£1.23)

Math Evolve helps kids (aged 6 and up) master core maths skills as they try and save the universe by journeying through three environments (microscopic, ocean, and space). However, they’ll only make it through by using their multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction skills. In addition to this “story mode”, Math Evolve also features a customisable “practice mode” to learn math facts quickly, anywhere – perfect for mobile users. Parents and teachers can also access performance statistics to check how the learning is progressing.

DragonBox Elements (for Geometry)

Where to find it: iTunes (£3.99) and Google Play (£4.15)

If you have maths-phobic students, then you need Dragonbox Elements (named after Euclid’s work on the foundations of geometry). Dragonbox “secretly” teaches geometry in just a few hours with their addictive geometrical puzzles that make students want to keep playing (and learning key axioms and theories!). Dragonbox claims that through play, students will gain an “instinctive understanding” of the properties of geometric shapes, and we couldn’t agree more. The game boasts more than 100 levels, so mobile users can truly build up their skills in those spare few minutes.

Math Workout

Where to find it: Free at iTunes and Google Play

There are many reasons why the Math Workout app has been downloaded by millions of people around the world. The brain training exercises and drills are geared toward both kids and adults, and the simplicity of the app has a global appeal. Students can motivate themselves by competing in the “World Challenge” against thousands of other people, or selecting various levels (such as the “Math Blaster Challenge”). Learning is quick and focussed: kids can give themselves a maths workout whenever and wherever they have a moment. Math Workout also makes it easy to track progress with its engaging charts.

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