Technical support for schools

It is essential to have a system in place for dealing with equipment breakages, malfunctions, and IT requests.

­Technical supportMost manufacturers offer some level of technical support.

In terms of software, security, malfunctions, wiping lost devices, and WiFi or network management.


  • Where should teachers and students report breakages and malfunctions?
  • How should the reporting take place? For example, should an email be sent? Is the tablet just dropped off at a designated location?
  • Will temporary tablets be provided during the repair period? If so, where will they be stored?
  • Can you establish a relationship with a local repair service?
  • To whom should teachers and students report IT issues (ie, WiFi not working). How should the reporting take place? For example, through email (if possible)?
  • Retain a consultancy firm to provide managed services (including technical support) to implement the scheme.
  • Retain a company to provide ongoing IT support, in addition to training on specific resources.

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