News roundup 4th January

This week we look at the proposed introduction of computerised testing of times tables, edtech predictions for 2016 and the development of an educational platform to enable teachers and students to share information about the physical environment and the living world.

Computerised assessments to be used for first time
From 2017 all 11 year olds will be tested on their times tables. For the first time these assessments will be done against the clock in computer-based exams. These tests on tables up to 12×12 will be scored instantly. A pilot scheme will be rolled out to 3,000 youngsters in 80 primary schools this summer, before every school in the country adopts the policy a year later.

Technology trends that could transform education in 2016
EdTech Magazine predicts the 5 technology innovations which could have a significant impact on education this year. Some of these technologies have already been introduced into early adopting schools and others are poised for mass distribution.

Software developed at Plymouth Uni to enhance children’s understanding of the natural world
PhenoloGIT will design, build and test an educational platform to enable teachers and students to share information about the physical environment and the living world. This will then be used to create teaching plans and a mobile app for students to use real-world data to learn about seasonal and climate changes.




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