News roundup 25th January

This week Microsoft announces the launch of an education edition of Minecraft, Nicky Morgan says teachers should use tech to reduce workloads and a TES Global survey shows teachers want a bigger say in edtech purchasing decisions.

Minecraft to launch education edition this summer
Microsoft is releasing Minecraft: Education Edition, a new version of the game designed to help children learn. The new addition will include new features such as a new map tool, an in-game camera for screenshots, and a whole teacher-focused system that allows educators to put their students in certain environments or give them particular resources.

Nicky Morgan encourages teachers to use technology to reduce workloads
Speaking at the Bett Show, Education secretary Nicky Morgan urged schools to embrace new technologies to reduce the “paper trail” workload and said the government was “excited by the possibilities of education through technology”. She told attendees that teachers should be using technology as an aid, such as programmes to capture data for class registers, attainment and pupil progress.

Teachers want bigger say in edtech purchasing decisions survey shows
The survey shows that teachers want a much bigger role in deciding which technologies are used in the classroom. It also reveals that currently teacher buy-in is not a major factor in purchasing decisions. The survey received responses from over 8,000 teachers globally and was conducted by TES Global.

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