News roundup 18th January

This week we look calls to change Ofsted assessment of the computing curriculum, an Open University research project on how children using tech is impacting teaching practice, the failure to recruit 'master' computing teachers and research showing video games can boost learning.

Call for Ofsted to makes changes to assessment of computing curriculum
Ofsted should monitor schools’ progress in delivering the computing curriculum over the next five years says Dr Bill Mitchell, director of education for the BCS. This will allow schools to develop a ‘roadmap’ for delivery of the curriculum and give schools time to adapt to curriculum changes.

New research looks at children’s use of digital technology
The Open University’s research is looking at the use of digital technology, including mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, in children’s learning across the curriculum. The research is being carried out in collaboration with Lancaster University and will also look children’s digital practices outside school and how these are impacting on teaching practices inside primary schools.

Ministers miss target to recruit 400 ‘master’ computing teachers
The Department for Education aimed to provide 400 master teachers to lead the computing curriculum. However it looks like they will miss this target despite handing out £3 million in funding.

New research shows video games can boost learning
A team of educational psychologists from the University of Bristol found that progressive scoring systems often used in games can quiet down the parts of the brain associated with unfocused mind-wandering.

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