News roundup 11th January

This week we look at the Lego robot-based learning system, survey showing lack of confidence about teaching of new curriculum, digital delivery of syllabus in Brazilian school & US survey showing teachers want more input in edtech purchasing decisions.

LEGO Education unveil a hands-on computing & science learning system
The robot-based learning system, called LEGO Education WeDo 2.0, is designed for the primary school science and computing curricula. It involves using LEGO bricks, education software and curriculum-based projects to encourage pupils to explore and create.  The system also provides training & support to teachers.

School leaders lack confidence about teaching of the new curriculum survey shows
A new survey by TES has found that they are worried about implementing the teaching of new curriculum in key subjects. 51% felt confident about teaching of the new language curriculum and only 40% of respondents stated they were confident about the computing curriculum.

Brazilian school using innovative software to deliver syllabus
The school in Rio de Janiero uses innovative educational software to deliver the entire syllabus in hundreds of digital lessons which use text, images, videos and exercises. It also evaluates the students’ performance in real time.

Teachers want bigger role in edtech purchasing decisions US survey shows
The survey of over 4,000 teachers showed that 63% of teachers think they should be the primary decision maker for deciding which technology is used in the classroom. Currently only 38% say they are consulted about during the process of technology procurement. The survey was conducted by TES Global, in partnership with the Jefferson Education Accelerator, which was founded by the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.

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