Flipped classrooms: tools, resources & videos

In a flipped classroom, material that is usually delivered in person (lessons, lectures, etc.) is viewed by students at home via smartphones, tablets or computers. Find out more about what it is, the tools you can use and useful resources & videos.

A flipped classroom prepares students for tasks or projects (formerly “homework), which are now done in class. With flipped learning, teachers have more time to interact with students as they do assignments. This allows students to ask questions and engage with the material.

Mobile devices and flipped classrooms

Flipped classrooms have been around for a while. However, mobile devices make it easier than ever to implement flipped learning for all or part of your teaching.  All learning material is on or is accessible through one device, easily carried from school to home. This mobility of learning material is at the heart of the flipped classroom.

Free tools

If you already use mobile devices for learning, here are a few apps that can help you flip your teaching right away:

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

This app turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard – allowing you to create engaging video tutorials for students to watch at home or on the move. Teachers can use educreations to explain a math formula, create animated lessons, or add commentary to works of art. All this is made easy with voice recording, ten colours of digital ink, embedding of photos and text, and easy sharing through social media. An alternative to this would be Explain Everything


(Available at: App Store and Google Play). Tegrity enables teachers to record any activity performed on their computer, including audio, video, and writing actions. Recordings are uploaded automatically for students – and are easily accessible from tablets or smartphones. Teachers can easily manage the number of students they want to share the recording links with, and delete recordings at any time.

Knowmia Teach

This popular lesson planning and recording tool allows teachers to create video lessons and publish them on for students. Design lesson steps, record illustrations as you draw them, and create animation sequences. Teachers can also bring in visual aids from multiple sources.

Youtube Capture

Youtube Capture is a good tool for quickly shooting videos, and sharing them on social networks. The app also allows for colour correction, editing, and trimming straight from your device. Start recording instantly, then edit and share videos with students straight from your device.

Research & resources


This content has been edited and checked by Tim Cross, our Techknowledge Ambassador & Strategic Leader for the use of technology for the Leigh Academies Trust.

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