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If you’re looking for fun and engaging ways of teaching your students English, why not try some of these great apps which have been independently reviewed and tested for use in the classroom. Spelling Hero Game is a game designed to help children learn how to spell, while Help with English assists students in practicing a variety of English skills. Clicker Sentences helps children put logical sentences together on any topic, whereas Kids Grammar Punctuation provides children with the tools they need to recognise and utilise punctuation correctly. Finally, Writing Challenge for Kids helps children spark their imagination and write stories through appropriate prompts.

Spelling Hero Game


Spelling Hero Game is a fun game where children can learn how to spell while playing. The app is not only about spelling, it also teaches children each word definition, etymology and the right pronunciation by using recorded audio files. Spelling Hero Game includes difficult words and can be used by teachers in English lessons and spelling competitions.

This app is available on iTunes and Google Play.


Help with English


Help with English focuses on helping children with their practise of English language skills, including spelling, sentence construction and comprehension. It also helps children learning English as a second language to practice their word and sentence skills. The app uses a game format for delivery, meaning that learners are likely to stay motivated and return to the app to improve scores over time.

This app is available on iTunes.


Clicker Sentences


Clicker Sentences enables teachers to create sentence building activities on any topic, tailored to support each pupil’s individual needs. It is widely used to support emergent writers, English language learners and older children struggling to acquire basic literacy skills.

This app is available on iTunes.


Kids Grammar Punctuation


Kids Grammar Punctuation is an easy-to-use app that allows children to learn about different punctuation marks and practise using them. Children can explore the different punctuation marks and learn more about their usage or can complete the ‘Exercise’ which tests children’s knowledge of a range of punctuation marks.

This app is available on Google Play.


Writing Challenge for Kids


Writing Challenge for Kids is a fun and simple-to-use app that can help spark the imagination of children, and support them with planning and writing stories. Children are presented with a range of prompts that they can choose from. Each prompt gives children ideas for how to start and develop their story, including references to settings and character, which keeps their imagination flowing throughout the process.

This app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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