App recommendations from Cramlington Learning Village

Phil Spoors, Assistant Head Teacher at Cramlington Learning Village, shares his top app recommendations and videos showing how they are used in the in the classroom.

At Cramlington Learning Village we use Chromebooks so these app recommendation focus on Google and Android based apps.

Google Apps for Education

This is a no brainer (for any device, not just Chromebooks). It’s free, gives you unlimited storage and is ideal for web based mobile devices.

The collaboration brought by Google Apps opens the door to loads of possibilities and new tools like Google classroom is making feedback and communication between student and teacher easier all of the time.

Here is a video tour of how we use Google Apps for Education at Cramlington Learning Village:

Chromebook apps

Below are the core apps we use with Chromebooks.  These are generic tools used across all subjects. However, individual staff members will also use others which are subject specific.

Cramlington app recommendations


For coding we use Tynker. We thoroughly recommend this online tool for visual coding online.

Android Tablet Apps

Below is a Youtube playlist about the apps we use on Android devices. We used this for staff training and it details a whole host of apps used across the school with mobile devices.

Bespoke apps

We also use our own bespoke apps we have created. Here are just a few examples:

Cramlington bespoke apps

Written by Phil Spoors, Assistant Head Teacher at Cramlington Learning Village.

Find out more about the Cramlington Learning Village’s technology journey:

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