1:1 implementation checklist

Find out what you need to consider for a 1:1 device rollout using our practical checklist.

1. Formulate a 1:1 learning strategy

  • Create a Vision (the “Why”). This involves setting clear learning goals, and connecting these goals to best practices and actions.
  • Formulate a Strategy (the “How”). The approach you will take and the governance you will create to manage the project.
  • Have a Plan for Delivering the Vision (the “What”). This is your roll-out plan – when and how the technology will be implemented.

2. Assess the full costs

  • Get an idea of the different funding models available.
  • Understand how BYOD can help save costs.
  • Factor in the cost of insurance.

3. Involve key decision-makers

4. Have effective administration procedures in place

  • Set up a procedure for receiving and logging devices
  • Create a logging system
  • Create a system for logging IT requests for quick resolution
  • Set aside a place for storing, and a sign-out procedure, for extra devices

5. Choose a device

  • Find out how to choose a device
  • Select a case for your devices
  • Decide which learning ecosystem is best for you.

6. Put reliable infrastructure in place

7. Sign the relevant policies & agreements

8. Train and prepare staff & parents

  • Ensure you provide adequate development and training.
  • Schedule in regular parents’ sessions to help them support their child in using the device.

9. Know where to source educational content

10. Inform students about e-safety

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