We are an educational charity that supports schools and educators to transform learning through technology

Together we can transform learning

Our Mission

To better understand through research how mobile technology can be used effectively in education, and help teachers confidently utilise it to its full potential to give young people the skills for their digital future.

What We DO

We use our research to help schools integrate technology effectively into their pedagogy to transform learning. Our work is backed by headteachers, schools, academics, industry and government.

Our Research

Research is at the heart of everything we do. We commission the largest independent research programme in the world on how the effective use of technology can enhance teaching and learning.

Why Mobile Learning

We believe education should inspire all young people with a lifelong love of learning. Technology can make a real difference to the quality, breadth and engagement that our young people have with education.

Latest Highlights


Tablet & Chromebook reviews

We have put together some reviews of tablets and Chromebooks which parents & schools may find helpful when considering what to buy for school-aged children.


Integrating technology in the classroom: educational apps vs. pedagogic workflow

BETT 2016 speaker Neelam Parmar says many schools still using edtech as add-on


E-safety Advice for Schools

Schools using mobile technology in their teaching tell us that e-safety is vital and an area where help and advice is needed. We have responded by producing these e-safety top tips for schools.


How Children Use Mobile Devices at School and at Home

Over 7,000 students from 31 mobile-device using schools were interviewed for the research to understand young people’s use of these devices.


Case Studies

We have already worked with a range of schools across the country, sharing the benefits, challenges and outcomes they have experienced when implementing mobile technology.


We need to design learning where learners are presented with real choices. Why? Because if young people do not learn how to drive their progress from within and don’t learn that their choices have consequences, they will grow up to be passive consumers. Simon Mason, Headteacher, Honywood  School

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Our work is backed by headteachers, schools, academics, charities, industry partners and government. They all share our goal – to transform learning through technology. Find out more about how you can get involved.

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We are always looking for new 1:1 schools to join our research programme. Your experiences  are invaluable in helping other schools.

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We are committed to developing long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with companies and foundations who share our vision of transforming learning

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If you are pioneering mobile learning in your classroom and want to share your experience with others, we’d love to hear from you

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